EU, UN "spotlight initiative" inspires urgency to end violence against women, girls

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  • Belarus: End ongoing human rights violations, UN rights chief urges

    Speaking at a meeting of the Human Rights Council, High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet shared reports of more than 27,000 arrests since 9 August, when protesters began contesting the result of presidential elections.  “In the last month, hundreds of people continued to be arrested each week during the demonstrations – with reportedly around […]

  • UN pledges humanitarian support as Armenia and Azerbaijan negotiate ‘lasting, peaceful settlement’ over Nagorno-Karabakh

    A ceasefire was agreed through a joint statement by the President of Azerbaijan, Prime Minister of Armenia, and Russia’s President, on 9 November, leading to the deployment of several thousand Russian peacekeepers to the enclave and border regions, after six weeks of escalating conflict over Nagorno-Karabkh. Thousands were reportedly killed and […]

  • Even volcanos do not surpass the human contribution to CO2 emissions

    A volcanic eruption on the door-step of a national capital is an unusual event. This is however, what happened in Iceland, where an eruption started 40 kilometres south of Reykjavík, Iceland on 19 March.  The 250,000 strong population of the Reykjavík-area witnessed with their own eyes thousands of tons of burning lava and smoke, and The post […]

  • Independent UN expert calls for Julian Assange’s release, cites prison’s COVID outbreak

    “Mr. Assange is not a criminal convict and poses no threat to anyone, so his prolonged solitary confinement in a high security prison is neither necessary nor proportionate and clearly lacks any legal basis”, said Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on torture.  The WikiLeaks founder has been detained since 2010 after his site published […]

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Thousands of migrants lose shelter, after camp destroyed in fire

    Nearly all infrastructure at the Lipa Emergency Tent Camp, which housed about 1,400 migrants, has been destroyed or badly damaged. This number is in addition to some 1,500 migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees – including women and children – stranded in squats and forest camps nearby.  With the devastation, the overall number of people in […]


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