UN Liaison Office for Peace and Security - DPKO/DPA/DFS Liaison Office (UNLOPS)

The United Nations Liaison Office for Peace and Security (UNLOPS) was established in 2011 in Brussels to further enhance the United Nations’ (UN) partnership with the European Union (EU), NATO, and other organizations in Brussels on peacekeeping, crisis management, political affairs, conflict prevention and mediation.

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UNLOPS formally represents and liaises with the EU and other organizations in Brussels on behalf of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), the Department of Political Affairs (DPA), and Department of Field Support (DFS). In doing so, UNLOPS supports and facilitates the smooth running of formal dialogue mechanisms, furthers policy engagement, and provides monitoring, reporting, analysis and advice in relation to peace and security issues.

The liaison office engages with key institutions and actors in all stages of the planning, deployment, and conduct of crisis management missions that operate in conjunction with UN peacekeeping operations and/or UN special political missions. The office also supports visits of senior officials of DPKO, DPA and DFS and facilitates the engagement with the EU of visiting Special Representatives, Special Envoys and Special Advisors to the Secretary-General, as well as senior mission personnel from the peace operations and special political missions led by DPKO and DPA.

Relations between the UN and EU have deepened since the signing in 2003 of the Joint Statements on UN-EU Cooperation in Crisis Management. Since its establishment, UNLOPS actively engages with the European External Action Service (EEAS) to support the implementation of the Action Plan to enhance EU support to UN peacekeeping. UNLOPS also supports the UN-EU Steering Committee on Crisis Management.

Under the Lisbon Treaty, a central goal of the EU’s external action is conflict prevention, a goal that calls for a deepened partnership between the UN and the EU. In this regard, UNLOPS supports regular high-level dialogue between the EEAS and DPA. In addition, the UN and the EU have already developed a close partnership on preventive diplomacy and mediation support. UNLOPS supports high-level visits and working-level coordination through videoconferences, as well as regular UN-EU desk-to-desk dialogues on conflict prevention and other cooperation initiatives.

International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers: 29 May

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