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  • Antimicrobial resistance: "we are running out of time"

    Photo: Two doctors are shown in consultation at Kabul's tuberculosis hospital, Afghanistan, in 2009. Due to AMR, tuberculosis is becoming increasingly untreatable. Photo: UN Photo/Fardin Waezi 28.9.2016 - Last week world leaders signaled an unprecedented level of attention to curb the spread of infections that are resistant to antimicrobial […]

  • Let's talk tourism

    27 September 2016—“with almost 1.2 billion people travelling abroad each year, tourism has become a powerful economic sector, a passport to prosperity and peace, and a transformative force improving millions of lives”- Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon. The theme of this year’s World Tourism Day is promoting universal […]

  • The future of UN Environment

    Solheim in Somalia. Photo: Odd Magna Ruud/Utrentiksdepartmentet Erik Solheim, the Norwegian diplomat and former politician, was appointed Head of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) in June this year. Solheim was previously the Minister of Environment (2007-2012) and Minister of International Development (2005-2012), and head of the Organisation […]

  • Ciné-ONU: Bikes vs Cars

    21 September 2016—“We are in a period of transition”- Pascal Smet, Minister for Mobility in Brussels at Ciné-ONU’s screening of Fredrik Gretten’s Bikes vs Cars at The Italian Cultural Institute. Bikes vs Cars is a documentary about the bike and what an amazing tool for change it can be. It highlights a […]

  • Trade and development requires an ambitious rethink

    Cover of the Trade and Development Report 2016. Photo: UN/©FOTOLIA:Cifotart, Dickov, Lulu, Naeblys, Raman Maisei – ©WORLD BANK: Ami Vitale 22.09.2016 – The release of the Trade and Development Report 2016 has been accompanied by a press conference in Brussels, raising questions on the impact of TTIP, TPP and Brexit on […]


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