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The UN Team in Brussels runs Together for Migrants and Refugees

The 20km Brussels half-marathon is a major annual event that shuts down the capital of…

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  • Vote for your favorite “Young Champions of the Earth” project

    UN Environment has just unveiled this year’s list of 30 regional finalists from the Young Champions of the Earth global contest and you're invited to vote for your favorite entry. Every year, six young people – one from each global region – are selected as winners of the competition. The competition gathers projects by […]

  • ‘I have always felt I should be a humanitarian worker’

    Every year on 19 August, World Humanitarian Day (WHD) brings the world together to rally support for people affected by humanitarian crisis and pay tribute to aid workers who help them. This year, we come together to reaffirm that civilians caught in conflict are #NotATarget, and demand global action to protect them. This World Humanitarian Day […]

  • Holiday season peak in FGM “cutting season”

    14.8.2017 - July, August and September means “cutting season” for many girls around the world, when the break from school means they have time to undergo, and recover from, Female Genital Mutilation, known as FGM. Though there is little formally collected data, experts say that FGM is commonly practiced during the school vacation in […]

  • Alternatives needed for migrant smugglers

      10.8.2017 – For centuries a hub of international trade in gold and salt, and later a site for desert tourism, the town of Agadez in Niger has more recently become a centre for smuggling and trafficking in guns, drugs and – above all – desperate refugees and migrants heading for Europe. Former smuggler Bashir, who […]

  • Despite achievements, vast challenges remain for indigenous peoples

      9 August 2017 – Indigenous peoples today face even greater struggles and rights violations than they did ten years ago. Racism, discrimination, and unequal access to basic services including healthcare and education are still common. Where statistical data is available, it shows clearly that they are left behind on all fronts, facing […]


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