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  • Helsinki forum on Syria: the children’s struggle for education

    A new interactive documentary providing an intimate look into the lives of Syrian school-aged children living as refugees in Lebanon was launched by UNICEF today. #ImagineaSchool provides a first-hand account of the challenges Syrian refugees face in their struggle to access education. UNICEF released the stories of 19 children to coincide with […]

  • Yemen: the unbearable silent death of a suffering nation

      Imagine a poor country, ravaged by war, where half of the hospitals and schools are closed, and every other child is stunted.  Drinking water is scarce and so is food. Government officials have not been paid since August and a third of the population depends on humanitarian aid. This country exists: it is Yemen. There are few images, […]

  • WMO confirms 2016 as hottest year on record

    The year 2016 has been confirmed as the hottest year on record, surpassing the exceptionally high temperatures of 2015, according to a consolidated analysis by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The globally averaged temperature in 2016 was about 1.1°C higher than the pre-industrial period. It was approximately 0.83° Celsius […]

  • Statelessness a profound violation of human rights

    18.1.2017 – A baby is born stateless every 10 minutes, and over 500,000 persons remain stateless within Europe alone according to UNHCR estimates. “Four years ago, statelessness was still largely taboo”, said Vincent Cochetel, Director for UNHCR’s office in Brussels in his opening statement at todays conference […]

  • Guterres: “Diversity is a richness – not a threat”

     The UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called for increased political, cultural and economic investments in cohesion , “so that diversity is rightly seen as a richness, not a threat. “Read more... […]


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