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  • The “Invisible Killer” and its 7 million victims

    21 October 2016 – 7 million people die every year, taken by the same “invisible killer”: the air that we breathe. Urbanisation, industrialisation, transport, and chemical goods have transformed our oxygen into a poisonous substance. These polluting factors have all been discussed in the recent Habitat III  Conference on […]

  • Spreading the word a brushstroke at a time

    A pen, a brush or a tablet, at a stroke artists can bring virtual characters to life and capture the imagination of people of all ages, everywhere. Over the past two decades, several ‘Honorary’ Ambassadors have helped champion the United Nations’ message. Today, at a ceremony at UN Headquarters in New York, the UN is set to […]

  • Commemorating WFUNA's 70th Anniversary

    A commitment to strengthening the United Nations and the need to respect human rights, the rule of law and the importance of the Sustainble Development Goals, partnership and youth were were among the themes that were at the heart of the commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the World Federation of United Nations Associations […]

  • The benefits of investing in girls

    20.10.2016 – In developing countries, if every 10 year-old girl had the opportunity to complete her high school education, States could generate $21 billion per year, according to the State of the World Population report 2016 (#SWOP2016) by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). Investing in girls’ education and healthcare benefits everyone. […]

  • Survey reveals widespread exploitation of migrants

    18.10.2016 – Almost three-quarters of migrants taking the Mediterranean routes connecting North Africa to Europe have experienced exploitation and practices which may amount to human trafficking, according to a report published by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). The findings are based on an in-depth analysis of close to […]


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